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Dear fellow countrymen, 

Fidjus di Guiné, 


It is with great pleasure that today we inaugurate this digital platform to let you know, often in real time, the activities developed by the President of the Republic. 

It is, therefore, with the aim of informing and creating a permanent link between the President of the Republic and the Guineans that this site is created.

We promised and we did, but we are able to do even more and better the image of our country. 

Our country has changed and will continue to change, so I have said in several speeches, the importance of unity among Guineans, so that together we can build a better future for our country. 

We are the "Geração do Concreto" and we are working for the development of Guinea-Bissau. A generation of Action and not Words.

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Hello everyone,

The President of the Republic,

Army General Umaro Sissoco EMBALO

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

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