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President's Office

Gabinete do Presidente

1. The Office of the President of the Republic is a structure for consultation, analysis, information, de 

    relationship with the government, civil society, and direct support to the Head of State.

​2. The Cabinet is essentially responsible for:

a) Coordinate and organize studies and information necessary for the President of the Republic for the

    performance of its functions;

b) To prepare studies and opinions on matters requested by the President of the Republic;

c) Ensure liaison and articulation with the other Sovereignty Bodies and Institutions of the Society


d) To carry out attributions entrusted by the President of the Republic;

Casa Civil

Civil House

  1. The Civil House of the President of the Republic is a technical support structure for the President of the Republic that ensures the coordination of administrative, financial and security services. The Chief of Staff, with the rank of minister, works with the Presidency and oversees the General Secretariat.

  2. The Civil House works with staff of recognized technical and intellectual capacity and includes the General Secretariat, the Personal Security Service of the President of the Republic and the Communication area.

Military House

Casa Militar
  1. The Casa Militar is a support structure for the President of the Republic in the exercise of his functions as Supreme Commander of the Guinean Armed Forces. It is directed by an officer with a rank of not less than Senior Officer, with the rank of Minister, and is under the dependence of the General Staff of the Military Zone of the Center of Bissau.

  2. The Casa Militar integrates three assistants from the different military branches, Army, Air Force and Navy, and may have the collaboration of special assistants.

general secretary

Secretaria Geral

1. The General Secretariat integrates the administrative and financial support service of the Presidency of the Republic,      _cc-78cde-0 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and also the Intendency and Transport Services, being responsible for:

a) Carry out the deliberations of the Administrative Council and, in general, ensure the functioning of the   

    administration and financial and asset management services

b) Carry out all personnel administration and management operations;

c) Control the execution of the budget, as well as prepare the report and management account of the

    Presidency of the Republic;

d) Maintain the transport and communication equipment of the Presidency of the


​​2. The General Secretariat is directed and coordinated by the Secretary General, who can be assisted no      90_cc-78d- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    

    performance of his duties by an assistant.

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